Real to the truth” The next 15 years FAW Toyota continues to dream.


Real to the truth” The next 15 years FAW Toyota continues to dream.

Fifteen years ago, this “Colorful Days” written, composed and sung by Pu Shu was raging throughout the country. It was also the theme song of FAW Toyota’s first Vios car advertisement directed by Ning Hao. Fifteen years later, on the 15th anniversary of FAW Toyota’s Thanksgiving Night, when the old song re-emerged, the time shuttle once again brought everyone’s memory to 2003.In that year, when the gods were flying, the astronaut Yang Liwei won the annual top ten people in China. In that year, China ushered in the third year of China’s accession to the WTO. The Chinese auto market is making a vigorous “blowout”; that year, “Colorful Days” The song of the song spread throughout the streets and became the annual golden song; that year, a new brand bravely entered this hot land. FAW Toyota Motor Sales Co., Ltd., a joint venture between China FAW (Tianqi, Sichuan Travel) and Toyota Motor, was formally established. As a joint venture between Toyota and FAW, the company that integrates Toyota and FAW’s joint venture production bases has started a new nightmare journey. In 15 years, 5475 days and nights, such as white shackles, rushed through! In 15 years, 6.8 million owners, FAW Toyota carried the exclusive memory of each owner and wrote his own story. At the scene of the event, when all the models of FAW Toyota branded with the era imprinted out one by one, a strong force hit the spirit of the ghost brother, and all the owners and FAW Toyota people grew up with the FAW Toyota. People are not witnesses to the 15th anniversary of FAW Toyota, as Yang Chunxia, senior director of planning department of FAW Toyota Motor Sales Co., Ltd. said: “FAW Toyota has witnessed my youth, and I have witnessed the glory of FAW Toyota.” For 15 years, it is a time for FAW Toyota, and it is a node. On September 25th, on the 15th anniversary of FAW Toyota’s 15th anniversary of “Thanksgiving for 15 years, nightmare”, FAW Toyota unveiled its upcoming strategic model and released a brand new slogan – “To be true”. In the next 15 years in the Chinese market, it will determine a new brand development strategy.

Thanksgiving 15 years FAW Toyota wins 6.8 million owners trust

From 2003 to 2018, FAW Toyota ran all the way, winning the support and trust of 6.8 million owners in 15 years. On the Thanksgiving Night of the 15th Anniversary, FAW Toyota’s owner representatives, dealer representatives and employee representatives came to the scene to tell the story of their unforgettable story with FAW Toyota: Mr. Zhao, the stationery store owner, bought in 2004. Into the first car in life – Vios, the total mileage has reached 184,000 kilometers, with the rising of the cause, Mr. Zhao’s this Vios has been transferred from the wife to the son, is still in good use; the adventure-loving Zeng Ming has been After purchasing Prado in 2009, after joining the Prado Che Youhui, he opened Prado and a group of “old boys” to cross the mountains and rivers, cross the no-man’s land, and enjoy the beauty of the world, and made a group of “life and death”…After the mainstream of the car was revealed, FAW Toyota’s “Mc Pai” personally performed on stage and used a song full of memories to bring the audience back to the era of Vios and Corolla. Immediately, the old wolf, who was also filled with a generation of young and youthful memories, sang a song about “now about the future” with his vicissitudes of tail and special biting, and took a wonderful 15 years with toyota tundra pickup truck. Indeed, in the fifteen years, FAW Toyota’s product line has continued to expand, during which 25 classic models were launched. Including FAW Toyota’s CROWN Crown, COROLLA Corolla, VIOS Vios, Zhaze IZOA, RAV4 Rongfang, PRADO Prado and other excellent models. In the past 15 years, FAW Toyota’s production network and sales network have been widely deployed. Three production bases in Chengdu, Tianjin and Changchun have been established in China, 637 4S stores and 6.8 million users. FAW Toyota has never stopped moving forward. From January to August 2018, FAW Toyota’s cumulative sales reached 470,555 units, which has completed 68% of its annual sales target, up 3% year-on-year, and achieved sales targets for 34 consecutive months. Among them, the sales volume of new SUVs (including orders) has exceeded 15,000, and the cumulative sales of Corolla has exceeded 258,000. According to this “rhythm”, FAW Toyota can easily complete the annual sales target of 695,000 and is expected to reach 715,000. The challenge target of the car.

Introduce the new AVALON to form a new product matrix

In the past fifteen years, FAW Toyota has formed a stable and strong product lineup, showing the trend of “strong and strong”, but for FAW Toyota, which has been pursuing its dreams, such a lineup has not satisfied them. On the road of development, FAW Toyota has more surprises for consumers! When the atmosphere of the event culminated, FAW Toyota officially announced that it will introduce Toyota’s global TNGA flagship model, AVALON, in 2019. AVALON’s classic Toyota model has been updated to the fifth generation since 1994 and is widely recognized in global markets such as North America. The executive deputy general manager of FAW Toyota Motor Sales Co., Ltd. Shuigu Yasushi has clearly defined AVALON’s “identity”. As the flagship model under Toyota’s global TNGA structure, AVALON will be the “new flagship” of FAW Toyota’s future and is expected to be in China. The level of the car market set a new benchmark. Not only that, but in the field of SUV, FAW Toyota also released new products, and once again announced the 2019 version of the special edition, and launched two models, namely: 2.0L Pioneer Edition, priced at 189,800, 2.0L fashion X Limited edition, priced at 205,800. It is worth mentioning that the 2.0L Fashion X Limited Edition not only increases the LED headlights, daytime running lights, automatic high beam lights, etc., but also adds blackened wheels and other configurations. More sporty; the interior adds a high-end instrument with a 4.2-inch color LCD display, electronic automatic anti-glare rearview mirror and other configurations, so that technology gives drivers a unique feeling. In the field of new energy vehicles, FAW Toyota will also launch a new model in early 2019, the Corolla Twin Engine E+, the first new energy vehicle launched by the Toyota brand in China. The new car is designed with a PHEV plug-in hybrid to fully meet the national new energy policy, and consumers can enjoy all policy benefits when buying a car. Compared with other new energy vehicles, the Corolla Twin Engine E+ does not have a strong demand for dedicated charging piles. It can be charged by ordinary household power supply, which is more advantageous than the PHEV models of the same class. If charging is inconvenient, its fuel consumption is Equal to the dual engine, it is also very fuel efficient.

The layout of the future begins with the initial pursuit of the four major strategic upgrades

FAW Toyota has passed the glorious 15th anniversary in its nightmare journey, but in the face of constant changes in the automotive market, user demand is also constantly upgrading. FAW Toyota has taken the lead in making forward-looking reforms and upgrades at a new starting point. On the occasion of the 15th anniversary of FAW Toyota, the brand slogan “To Be Real” was announced. In the future, FAW Toyota will continue to create the best quality and service for users in the strategic aspects of manufacturing upgrade, new energy, intelligent network, and marketing upgrade. In the manufacturing upgrade strategy, with the comprehensive upgrade of Toyota’s global TNGA architecture, FAW Toyota will also comprehensively upgrade the level of intelligence and automation and achieve a series of new evolutions such as technology upgrade, quality control enhancement and efficiency improvement. Second, it is a new energy strategy, FAW Toyota will once again “speed up.” According to the latest strategic deployment, FAW Toyota will introduce the Corolla PHEV model in 2019. In 2020, FAW Toyota will introduce the Takizawa EV model; in 2025, all models will be equipped with electric vehicles.

Again, it is an intelligent network strategy. It is reported that FAW Toyota will start from the 2019 new Corolla, the most critical part of the car network standard – the car communication module DCM. By 2020, 60% of the new car sales will be equipped with the Internet of Vehicles. By 2025, the total number of car networking will reach 3.2 million, accounting for 80%. Finally, it is a marketing upgrade strategy. FAW Toyota will be more in line with the diversified needs of consumers, through the real communication between brands and consumers, to realize the transformation from “production and sales enterprise” to “user-oriented enterprise”, realize the “marketing 3.0” “strategy. Let the company and the consumer start with the car, and then achieve the spiritual level of communication, so that FAW Toyota can more accurately grasp the transformation of consumer demand. In this regard, FAW Toyota has also established a clear brand strategic goal. By 2020, we will create a safe, secure, and worry-free car life for our customers, further promote the sustainable development of green and environmentally-friendly automotive society, and build the influence of China’s auto industry joint venture brands.

Ghosts: 15 years, is the most beautiful Fanghua in youth, is the most true memory in life, and in the moment of good time, FAW Toyota blew the horn of progress, and opened the next dream journey. Nowadays, at a new starting point, FAW Toyota has been rushing to the future, and to run all the way to the future, bringing consumers a new way of travel and quality service experience, and then into the era of automotive marketing 3.0. Sina Auto News Recently, Porsche officially announced the official launch of its Cayenne Platinum Edition (Platinum Limited Edition) model, the new car only upgraded in appearance and interior details, the price of the Chinese region is 984,000 yuan, has begun to accept reservations. The Cayenne Platinum Edition is derived from the Cayenne  Turbo and features a 19-inch rim with a wider wheel arch. The standard paint of the new car is black or white non-metallic paint. It can also be equipped with five metal paints of black jade, purple stone, mahogany, fine white and silver. In addition, the color of the large wheel arch can also be selected separately. For the interior, the new car incorporates an eight-way, electrically adjustable sports seat , a BOSE sound system, and an Alcantara center console panel. The instrument panel is also embellished with an analog clock. In terms of configuration, the new car focuses on comfort and safety. Standard features include bi-xenon headlights with Porsche Dynamic Light System (PDLS), front and rear parking assist systems for reversing cameras, and exterior and anti-glare features. Inside mirrors and dark private glass for enhanced rear-end privacy, Porsche Communication Management (PCM) with online navigation and an upgraded version of the Smart Connected Module is another high-end configuration standard on the model.In addition, the stainless steel nameplate with the word “Platinum Edition” on the welcome pedal of the new car shows the unique identity of the limited edition model. Dynamic aspects, Cayenne Platinum Edition equipped with a 3.0T V6 engine , the maximum output power of 333 horsepower.

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